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Name:SFF, Speculative Fic, and Animation
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:For SFF, animation, horror, gothic, and speculative fic appreciation.

For all your speculative fiction needs!

Welcome to Clan Terror on Dreamwidth! We've come here from Live Journal to spread some multi-fandom multi-media fun.

This profile and community are currently under construction. More details and content coming soon...

Our genres cover all of speculative fiction and a smidgen more: fantasy, science fiction, horror, mythology, urban fantasy, urban legends, fairy/folk tales, gothic fiction, suspense/mystery, steampunk, utopian/dystopian, post-apocalyptic, alternative/speculative/dramatized history, detective/military/spy/action/adventure, and anything related, such as non-fiction history, science, technology, writing, graphics, how-to, research, etc.

Genres may be represented in any media format: television, cinema, literature, web-series, animation, comic/manga, video game, etc.

Welcome content members may post directly to Terror SFFA includes reviews, recap reviews, news, fan videos, graphics, essays/meta, poetry, and discussion/random questions for any fandom/or general in our genres.

*Please use appropriate trigger and spoiler warnings, including tag = "!trigger warnings"

*Note on tags: I'm attempting to clean up the judgment inherent in some tag/genre specs. Genre "smut" is tagged "sex", "dark fic" is now "disturbing fic", "slash" "femslash" and any queer/gender issue relevant posts should be tagged "genre: LGBTQAI".

At this time, fan/original fic cannot be posted directly to Terror SFFA unless answering a prompt puzzle or for a seasonal fest.

Monthly prompts provided by Puzzle Prompts
Original and fan fiction in any genre, fandom, or warning welcome.

Current Discussions:
Doctor Who season ten

Recap Reviews by Sabotabby:
The Magicians season two finale
The Magicians season two
The Magicians season one
Luke Cage
Preacher season one

TV Discussion Posting Schedule:
Mondays: Lucifer (Fox) May 1st to May 29th.
Tuesdays: Agents of Shield (ABC) April 25 - May 16.
Future States (Web-series of scifi/sociopolitical shorts) Beginning May 30th.
Saturdays: Doctor Who (BBC) Now - July 1.
Sundays: American Gods (STARZ) April 30 - June 18.
Twin Peaks (Showtime) Premieres May 21st.
Preacher (AMC) Premieres June 25.

Future discussions will include: South Park, Star Wars: Rebels, Versailles;
DC, MCU, Star Wars, and Harry Potter verse movies;
and hopefully short stories and old movies in our genres.

Weekly Event Schedule:
Music Mondays - soundtrack music and/or fan videos from our fandoms.
Trivia Tuesdays - bits of fun or surprising trivia from our fandoms.
Wrecking Wednesdays - community version of 'What Are You Reading Wednesday?'
Thursday - Fandom Squee/Vent posts for random...squeeing and venting.
Friday - Newsletters for promoting member fan/original works in our genres.
Weekends - fan vids or pop/action figure theatre.

Also expect:
Random polls and fun quizzes in our genres.
Random news posts.
Seasonal Fests.
Some genre fan fic round-ups, for sharing your best work, new/old masterlists, or AO3 collections.

Clan Terror on Live Journal:
Terror Scifi
Myth Fan
Aanime Fan
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